Fun Stuff

Just a collection of odd projects I think other people might be interested in.


Kenbak-1 Emulator

Kenbak-1 Emulator A web-based emulator and simple development environment for the world's first personal computer.

Mattel Intellivision Emulator

FreeIntv A Mattel Intellivision emulator implemented as a Libretro core.

Fairchild Channel F Emulator

FreeChaF A Fairchild Channel F emulator implemented as a Libretro core.

Java 2 Mobile Edition (J2ME) environment for J2SE

FreeJ2ME A program designed to run Java mobile games on a home computer. It isn't an emulator, but a loader and environment to run J2ME applications. This was the first system capable of running applications that used Nokia's M3D library.


Eller's Algorithm Decoded

Eller's Algorithm A complete description of the neatest maze generating algorithm around. There isn't much information about this particular algorithm on the internet, so I worked out the missing details and posted this write-up.

Evaluating Infix Expressions

Shunting Yard A comprehensive look at the too-often overlooked shunting yard algorithm. You'll never write a recursive decent parser again!

Let's make a PDF

PDF File Format All you need to know to make your own PDFs.

Fixing E.T. for the Atari 2600

Fixing E.T. for the Atari 2600 What's wrong with E.T. and how it can be fixed. With a few minutes, and a good hex editor, you can eliminate many of the complaints about the so-called "worst game ever made". It's 30 years late, but how much could video games have changed since 1982?

Decoding DoomRPG

Decoding DoomRPG A detailed look at the various proprietary file formats used in DoomRPG. What started out as a simple attempt to extract the sprites and textures turned in to a much larger undertaking. You'll find everything from graphics to the internal scripting language described as completely (and in as much detail) as I could manage. There's almost enough here to create a new engine to run the original game.

Cel Shader for Three.js

Three.js Cel Shader A simple cel shader hack for Mr. Doob's excellent Three.js library. It uses scene lights and preserves textures. This project is pretty old and might not work on newer releases.

Math stuff

Trig Table

Trig Table A single-page printable trigonometric table from 0 to 360 degrees, in 15 degree increments, suitable for students. This was made to fill a need for a student after I had trouble finding a table like this online.

Odd stuff

Deadly Danger Dungeon

Deadly Danger Dungeon A web-based version of a game created by James Rolfe of in his childhood. The artwork is preserved as accurately as possible.

Tetris: The Grand Master

The Road to Tetris Grand Master A pretty raw progress log of my attempt to reach the Grand Master rank in Tetris: The Grand Master. (TGM1) It's really only of interest to someone looking to do the same.

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