Kenbak-1 JS is an emulator and simple debugging tool for the Kenbak-1 computer.

The Emulator:
Kenbak-1 JS Emulator/Debugger

Handy tools:
[BIN2OCT.EXE] - Make an octal dump of a binary file
[OCT2BIN.EXE] - Make a binary from an octal dump

Programming Resources:

Ricky Bryce of Bryce Automation has put together some very helpful articles on Kenbak-1 programming:
Ricky Bryce on Kenbak-1 Programming

The original documentation can be found here:
Kenbak-1 Programming Reference Manuel: Bit Savers  [Mirror]
Kenbak-1 Theory of Operation: Bit Savers  [Mirror]

Kenbak-1 Friendly Forums: - Home of the Kenbak-1 Series 2 reproduction - The Vintage Computer Forums

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