Deady Danger Dungeon

Upon the suggestion of user 3DMaster, I've created a graphically enhanced version of the game based on the version by user titled "Deadly Danger Dungeon Ex"

The controls are the same as the previous version

I made a javascript version of the game. I think it came out especially well, so give it a try.

You can play the game using the keyboard or the on-screen controls.

The keyboard controls all have on-screen equivalents:

I've made a vector version of James Rolfe's infamous boardgame from the scan provided by James . The scan he provided wasn't really suitable for printing, so I traced it as accurately as I could, occasionally referencing the video when the scan just didn't show enough detail.

The vector/printable version is avaliable as a PDF file.

I've also provided a flash (.fla) file for anyone who wants to make changes or use this in a flash game.

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